Book necklace

Mini bookbinding kit containing all the materials you need to bind yourself a small leather book necklace with stitches that appear on the back and without using glue. The excellent quality of the materials, the bookbinding stitch and the styling idea are the three powerfull points of this small suitcase which unlike its size, it  gives us a great information and living experience of the 2nd or 3rd century to the Middle Ages binding way. In Greece bookbinding was called "stachosis' by the word "stahi" that means cob. Even today in several parts of Greece bookbinding is still called "stachoma". 

It is a wonderful opportunity to get in touch with of the craft of bookbinding. It is a wonderful gift for someone who loves books.

Tutorial video in our site.


  • genuine goat leather
  • goat leather strip
  • waxed threads
  • needle
  • beads
  • tassel
  • paper


leather colours : blue with blue raf details
red with dark geen and gold details
black with blue raf details
green with light green details
brown with light pink details
beige with vivid pink details
beige with turquoise details
beige with purple details

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