Bookbinding Kit "Tela and Spaggos" Adhesive binding

Two cats, "Tela and Spaggos", the protagonists of this adventure, give step by step instructions to bind your own book. Adhesive Binding is type of binding in which single leaves are secured together solely with an adhesive applied to the textblock spine. Threads sunk into parallel groves that have been cut on the spine with a saw, to strengthen adhesive binding. 

This KIT is

  • a fine opportunity to bring the child into contact with the creation of a book and the art of bookbinding by the most entertaining way
  • Suitable for children aged 6 years and up with adult help
  • Kit includes written instructions like a tail story about Tela and Spaggos and video tutorial on our website

Includes 10 Binding materials to bind by yourself your own book: 2 Cardboard 3 mm., 40 sheets A5, bookbinding glue, brush, super (Tela), thread (Spaggos), case liner, bookbinding cloth, 2 endpapers.


book binding cloth : 

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