Tela and Spagos

Spagos was in trouble again. How a cat like him could resist the new challenge? Even when it comes from a well-fed cat of the nearby library? He had to bind a book within an hour! How could he even knew how to do this indeed?? Otherwise he would lose the bet. And this was something he did not like it at all. Plus that in case of winning the well fed cat would have to eat the book! This was the agreement when Spagos heard him boast that is bookworm. And how many were the materials! Paper, glue, cloth, tela, ...tela? Tela!! But of course! The solution was in front of him! Immediately picked up the phone, dialed number and a little later, at the other end of the line sounded: "diga". Dolores Maria Huarez de la Tella, for friends just Tela, lives in Spain and studys in the art school in the department of artistic bookbinding. How they met each other is another story ... but they are very good friends.

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