About us

Second floor workshop is an online store that is a home for bookbinding products, dolls and games. Either you want to meet the art of bookbinding or to play creatively with your child, or to make a gift to a loved one, or to find an object made with sensitive look full of childishness, Second floor workshop will not disappoint you.

The family bindery N. P. Livadioti (www.bibliodeteio.gr), placed in Ladadika, Thessalonik,i since 1951, which support Second floor workshop, helped us initially to deal and experiment with specific materials. This fact opened many ways and led us to places full of inexhaustible creativity.

Here you will find all that we have inspired and constructed, through professional thought or through family play. Made by hands only. May it inspires you! Enjoy!


Rania Kampouraki

Nikos Livadiotis

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